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Caobo is located in You Xian in eastern Hunan, a few hours away from a heavily forested reservoir which is the area's main tourist attraction.


Orientation: Caobo town is less than a kilometer long, with most major builidings clustered around the junction of the main N-S road with one going E. There are two hotels, a few medium-sized shops, and numerous places to play pool. Currently they are building sidewalks along either side of the main road. This may or may not be related to frequent and lengthy power and water cuts experienced in November 2003.

Geology: Caobo villiage is located in You County, Hunan Province, China. The dominant feature of the local landscape is a valley running north-south. The valley carries a surface stream, which sinks to the north in Haitang Dong, along with two other streams flowing from the west and south-east (Shan Xia stream). Shan Xia stream sinks east of the valley and resurges shortly before Haitang Dong. There are several shafts and caves on the eastern side of the valley which are presumed to connect to the underground Shan Xia system.



Bai Long Dong (White Dragon Cave)

Showcave designed by Zhang Hai. Developed and then sold by the Chang Jiang Tourism Company.

Time: 5 minutes
Short ride north of the town.

San Ren Qiao (Fairy Bridge)

San Ren Qiao (Fairy Bridge) Park
Price: 48Y
Natural bridge and other scenic attractions, developed by the Chang Jiang Tourism Company. A nicely constructed walkway takes you on a two-hour round trip to view the 42m high, 2m wide, 9m thick, 13m long natural bridge from above and below, although the best view of the bridge is arguably from the car park. Other attractions/distractions include the obligatory pagodas and small bridges of concrete posing as bamboo and logs, a fairly lengthy hike among trees (unfortunately marred by being in full view/hearing range of the road), a 15m long cave (Shan Ren Dong) where 2 rocks have been calcited together to form a bench, an ancient tomb (gravestone inscribed in Simplified Characters!?!), and an engineered water feature. It's still under construction (watch out for the pack horses!), but is nonetheless open to the public daily.
The Fairy Bridge
Time: 5 minutes
South of Caobo (take the Caobo-You Xian bus).

Tao Yuan Gu (Peach Source Gorge)

A gorge and waterfall developed by the Chang Jiang Tourism Company.



Internet Cafe
Not available:
Currency Exchange

Currency Exchange

No Bank of China, one Rural Credit Cooperative.

Internet Cafe

One net bar/arcade often full of kids. 163 works.


Long Distance

From: Zhu Zhou
To: Caobo
Time: 3 hrs
From: You Xian
To: Caobo
Time: 2 hrs
From: You Xian
To: Caobo
Regular service.


Regular availability going north-south along the main road.
Regular service going north-south along the main road.