Er Wang Dong

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Er Wang Dong is a small village near Houping in Wulong County of Chongqing Municipality.


Orientation: Er Wang Dong is in a valley which runs north-south. Approximately 100 people live in Er Wang Dong. Four of the local children attend middle school in Tongzi and can speak a little english. Zhong Ling Cun has a population of about 1200, but around 300 have moved to Zhejiang to work in factories.

Climate: In May through September it is rainy and water levels are high. In January-March we've seen occasional snow, but water levels are generally low. Houping is significantly colder than Er Wang Dong. The mosquitoes are terrible in the summer.

Shopping: You can't buy anything.



Not available:
Currency Exchange
Internet Cafe
Post Office


Mr. Wang's House: No guesthouses in the village, but the Wang family is very friendly. For beer the locals have to hike back to Houping, so we usually pay for that seperately or do without. No showers, no indoor plumbing. Part of farm life is rising and setting with the sun, so e xpect meals to be at 7AM and 8PM in the summer, and 9AM and 6PM in the winter.

Food and lodging
Price: 15Y per person per night
water (safe after filtering)
single-sex accommodation
pigsty toilet
floor space for sleeping (roll mat needed)
phone line
Not available:
flush toilet
western toilet
clean water (safe after boiling)
boiled water provided
24-hour hot shower
hot shower
water, plastic tub + space for bathing
mixed-sex accommodation
washing machine (non-caving clothes)
washing machine (caving clothes)
air conditioning
bed (no roll mat needed)
bedding (sheets, blankets)
The lav


16300, 3Y per hour, slow but usually reliable.


Land lines, new as of 2004. Spotty mobile coverage.


From Houping head down the road back towards Wulong. Turn off at the first major junction on the right, labeled "Zhong Ling Cun". Follow the road until it forks at a small village where the road is inevitably very muddy. Take the left hand fork downhill and continue for another hour or so. Er Wang Dong is at the end of the road.