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Guilin is located in southwest China on the Li River.


Orientation: Major landmarks from north to south on Zhongshan Lu: north train station, pedestrianized area/Nikko Nikko Do/McDonalds, long distance bus station, electronics market, train station, Wayao tourist commodity market.

Climate: Once every few years it gets cold enough to snow in Guilin. The winter is generally dry, cold, and overcast. From May-August there is heavy rain and high humidity. In July and August temperatures often reach 40 degrees.



Institute of Karst Geology

Active research plus a museum.

Museum of Karst Geology
Open daily. On the Institute grounds on Qixing Lu.
Museum and statue of Xiu Xiake
From: Liberation bridge
To: No. 6 Oil Company
Price: 1.2Y
Route 14.
From: Guilin train station
To: No. 6 Oil Company
Price: 1.2Y
Route 6.

Reed Flute Cave

A small but very well decorated showcave within the city limits and reachable by public bus.

Reed Flute Cave
Reed Flute Cave

Crown Cave (Guan Yan Dong

Cave initially surveyed by the China Caves Project, now developed for tourists.

Seven Star Park

A pay-for-entry park with several peaks and small caves .



Not available:


Developers near Big Waterfall hotel: Kodak shop facing the waterfall side of Big Waterfall hotel. 16Y per roll to develop slide film. It takes a week as it is sent to Guangzhou.


Rosemary Cafe: West of the big red clock tower in Guilin's pedestrianized area. Rosemary Cafe is a popular hangout for westerners. It features excellent coffee and chicken salad.

fresh brewed coffee
Rosemary Cafe


Metal market: A short distance W or the bus station. Copper/brass/stainless tube and sheet of various sizes.

Sunny Hypermarket: At San Li Dian (intersection of road running E from the train station, and Qixing Lu). Best prices in town on powdered milk, peanuts, Milo, Tang, etc.

Wayao Tourist Commodity Market: On the S continuation of Zhong Shan Lu. Stationary supplies (zip pouches, binders, A4, sleeves, etc.), string, foam squares, cutting boards.

Electronics market: Components, batteries, plug adapters, ups, etc. On W side of Zhong Shan Lu between the bus and train stations.


Surveying equipment shop: Small shop facing KFC at the Nikko Nikko Do. 5Y for books of dry survey paper.