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Jiang Kou is a short way upstream of Wulong on the Wu Jiang. It is at the confluence of the Wu Jiang and the Furong Jiang. It is also the site of a newly-built dam.


Furong Dong

Well decorated showcave with bonus high-speed sliding across the river. The showcave receives 100,000 visitors a year.

Furong Dong Showcave
The Furong Dong showcave
High-speed sliding across the river
End of the slide

Furong Jiang Reservoir

Boat ride along reservoir which features a big resurgence waterfall and the endangered black leaf monkeys.

Furong Jiang Reservoir boat trip
View from the boat



Long Distance

From: Chongqing
To: Jiang Kou
Price: 70YTime: 3.5 hrs
Most through-buses that go to Wulong from Chongqing also go to Jiang Kou.
From: Wulong
To: Jiang Kou
Price: 5YTime: 30 minutes
Breadvans leave Wulong from a stand 200m E of Guang Ming GH.