Jiu Xiang

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The Hong Meigui expedition to Jiu Xiang focused on smaller caves near the Mai Tian He (Wheat Field River) which have not been exploited for tourism. In all cases locals had already explored the caves, often in search of speleothems to sell. Many of the caves were polluted with rubbish and sewage, and we suspected bad air in Car Park Cave. But they all had a diverse selection of cave life. In particular, the caves had leeches on the walls and in the water. The leeches seemed to be concentrated in areas with guano deposits on the walls, so we suspect they were living on the bat population. Alsoseen were small brown spiders, large black spiders, cave crickets, a tick, and a blind fish (in Mang Yu Dong, ie. Blind Fish Cave).



Jiu Xiang park

Jiu Xiang is an area famous for its system of large river caves which have been heavily developed for tourism. Unfortunately the natural splendor of the 50m + high passage which winds in and out of the hillside with a several nice cascades and impressive large rooms has been spoilt by the addition of a tourist tat mini-mart which sells speleothems and a team of dancing girls.