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Nanchuan is located south of Chongqing city, bordering Fuling and Wulong. One of its main tourist attractions is Jinfoshan, a limestone (Permian) and sandstone mountain. There are also other areas of karst in the county.


Goufu Dong

Showcave. About 20Y per person. The cave features an entrance in a cliff overlooking a karst views. The interior of the cave is home to numerous swallows and even more buddah statues. The showcave's attractions are predominately man-made.


Karst mountain with showcave, slightly dilapidated paths through a stone forest, grass sliding, etc. Nice views on a clear day. The Jinfoshan national park has a 30Y entry fee. Grass sliding is 10Y per go.


Long Distance

From: Nanchuan
To: Jinfoshan
Price: ~30YTime: ~1 hr?
When you enter the Jinfoshan park you will have to pay a 30Y admission fee. The bus drops you at the lower cable car station. Last bus back to Nanchuan is at 5pm.
From: Nanchuan
To: Wulong
Price: ~35YTime: 4 hrs
Two buses a day. In 2008 the fast motorway had not yet been completed for this route.
From: Chongqing
To: Nanchuan
Price: ~30YTime: ~1.5 hrs?
Buses leave frequently from Chongqing's Nanping station.


Three-wheel bicycle
Price: 3Y
Numerous pedal-powered bikes ply the streets.
Cable car
Price: ~30Y roundtrip
Cable car to the summit of Jinfoshan runs frequently.