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Zhangjiajie is located in northwestern Hunan. It is a popular destination for Chinese tourists, who visit its 3 parks best known for towering pseudo-karst pinnacles of sandstone. In addition to the sandstone there are several areas of limestone. To the south of the city, the limestone peak of Tian Men Shan rises to 1500m elevation. Near its summit there is a 2.5km square plateau ringed with sheer cliffs in which several cave entrances have been seen. To the north of the city near the farming village of Bai Jia Yu Cun there is a large, well decorated river cave and reports of other entrances. In addition, several showcaves have been developed in the county: Jiu Tian Dong and Huang Long Dong.



Huang Long Dong (Yellow Dragon Cave)

Showcave surveyed by Zhang Hai and designed by the Institute. It features a 4,000 square metre chamber, which while quite large, is definitely not the largest in Asia as reported by the LP.

Zhangjiajie Park

World Heritage site with stunning pillars of sandstone. Not actually karst, but you can't tell that from the photos.

Tian Men Shan (Heavenly Gate Mountain)

Cliff-ringed valley features a 99-curve road up to a 999 step staircase to a huge eyehole through the mountain side. From there a 700 year old path gains a further 300m of elevation to reach a high plateau which was home to a famous temple in the Tang Dynasty. Currently under development by the Tian Men Shan Tourism Company, in 3-5 years the plateau will be accessible by Asia's longest cable way, 7200m+ long, with 800m of elevation gain and amazing views of the sheer cliffs and landscape that drops away 1,200m in only a few kilometers.




Currency Exchange
Internet Cafe
Not available:


Reasonably priced accommodation is available in the centre of town.

Currency Exchange

Big Bank of China in the centre of town.

Internet Cafe

Plenty of net bars in Zhangjiajie City. None in Bai Jia Yu Cun or Tian Men Shan.


Long Distance

To: Zhangjiajie
The train station has 8 staircases between the platform and the street. Not a friendly place for the heavily laden.
From: Liuzhou
To: Zhangjiajie
Direct slow train daily.
From: Guilin
To: Zhangjiajie
Price: 126Y hard sleeper
Direct (slow) trains run every other day.