Life in China

Food in China
We've had some amazing food here in China. Rat – bony, but the leg is okay. Squirrel – highly recommended. Dog – a bit fatty. 40 types of Fungus – tasty, but they smell vaguely of their origins (avoid the chicken liver fungus). <read more>
Qujing Tourism?
The first night we were in Qujing, we were told the cave they wanted us to explore was flooded (bummer) and there were no other caves nearby (further bummer), but would we like to see some pictures of the entrance? <read more>

Caving in China

Nandan Joural, 2001
... Rob and I constructed the ultimate bob: two tubes tied together with a mess of webbing, and bits of bamboo for paddles. With the SS Bob we floated across the static pools in Cholera, getting wet cheeks ... <read more>
TV "Shows"
A major feature of our time in Leye when we weren't exploring caves or supervising ropework was the "shows" we were frequently asked to put on. The idea behind these was that we would set up an abseil somewhere impressive and then people would film us ... <read more>