Houping 2004 Expedition Equipment


This expedition travelled with 15 bags of equipment to Houping, and 13 on the return.

Gear that went to Houping:
	2 fireflies
	"OUCC" instruments
	yellow Suunto instruments
	E203 altimeter
	2 x 50m survey tapes
	1 survey notebook
	3 dry survey notebooks
	waterproof paper
	2 rolls flagging
	3 markers
	6 nail varnish
	1 binder
	clear plastic sleeves
	printer paper
	2 scale rulers
	2 rolls yellow tape
	40 prongs
	6 pencils
	4 pens
	spare pencil lead
	1 map board
	writable cd's
	2 multiplug blocks
	1 plug converter
	2 2-way radios and charger
	8 GP 2000mAh rechargable AAs and charger
	30 hangers and maillions
	10 m8 bolts
	100 thru bolts
	1 rockpecker
	2 drill bits
	10 krabs
	10 medium slings
	3 long slings
	1 hammer
	5 rope protectors
	3 drybags
	2 daren drums
	2 Xitu tackle sacks
	3 green bags
	1 small gear moving trolley w/ bungie
	First aid bag

Consumables used:
	ibuprofen and paracetamol
	1 plaster
	some hydrocortizone ointment for bug bites
	waterproof paper
	2 dry survey notebooks
	some nail varnish, pencil lead, marker ink, printer ink, printer paper
	5 prongs
	2 pencils broke
	part of a logbook
	20 clear plastic sleeves
	2 thru bolts
	1 survey tape lost 50cm (now 1m short)
	1 survey tape notched at 4m
	20 compressed biscuits (left from Tian Xing 2003)
	31 snickers bars (left from Yunnan Resurgences 2004)
	1 bungie cord broke
	half a roll of flagging
	2 rolls of yellow tape
	4 flashbulbs

Gear knackered:
	1 short sling missing
	3 trolley wheels knackered and replaced
	1 drill bit

Consumables added to club store by the expedition:
	50 writable cds
	1 course erythromycin
	80 x amoxycillin
	10 rolls yellow tape
	10 rolls yellow flagging 
	heat shrink
	binder, prongs, zipper pouches
	nail varnish
	3 trolley wheels

Gear added to club store by the expedition (includes 2 gear deposits):
	voltage regulator
	10 L water container (left in Er Wang Dong)
	metal bucket (left in Er Wang Dong)
	plastic water scoop
	4 metal plates for use as flashbulb reflectors
	3 rat proof trash cans for gear storage in Guilin
	100Y for altimeter partially paid for by Zhangjiajie 2004 gear deposits
	connector for the drill

Gear knackered between this expedition and the previous one:
	3 buoyancy aids eaten by rats!