Houping 2005 Expedition Movie


Below are a number of short videos shot during the Houping 2005 expedition.

TitleAuthor Size (kB)
Ducks Julian Todd2428
Bangers Julian Todd2935
Fun with luggage trollies in Yangshuo Julian Todd1116
Lots of bags at Liuzhou Station Julian Todd3154
Rice terraces on the way to Er Wang Dong Julian Todd1824
Near Er Wang Dong Julian Todd2894
Pigs eating Julian Todd3258
Pigs eating Julian Todd3737
Hairy mary underground Julian Todd2800
Slug/leech thing Julian Todd3155
Quarrying limestone near Houping Julian Todd3022
Frog noises at night Julian Todd2255
Grandma grinding beans for tofu Julian Todd929
Pigs eating Julian Todd959
Grandma grinding beans for tofu Julian Todd1990
Shi Wang Tiankeng Julian Todd2519