Houping 2007-1 Expedition Diary


Date Summary
2007.01.25 George arrives in Chongqing. Meets Erin and Duncan at Southwest Normal University, Beibei.
2007.01.26 Final day of SRT training for Chinese students.
2007.01.27 Duncan, George, and WKU bods to Ciqikou tat market.
2007.01.28 Duncan, George, and Erin to Chongqing. Shopping and huoguo.
2007.01.29 More shopping. Erin gets new GPRS card. Duncan, George, Erin to Wulong. BBQ.
2007.01.30 Shopping and packing. New trolley ordered. BBQ.
2007.01.31 New trolley collected, broken, and fixed. Duncan, George to spring near Tongzhi. BBQ.
2007.02.01 More trolley fettling. More shopping and packing. BBQ.
2007.02.02 Trolley broken again. More repairs. More shopping and packing. Duncan, George to Er Wang Dong.
2007.02.03 Duncan, George place detectors in Ma Wan Dong, start Slideways re-survey.
2007.02.04 Duncan, George drop pitch at end of Inconvenient into large muddy passage.
2007.02.05 Duncan, George push end of Tiankeng Crawl for another ~75m.
2007.02.06 Drizzle. Duncan, George push Tiankeng Crawl to conclusion after ~250m.
2007.02.07 Dawn storm. Dry during day. Duncan, George abortive attempt to enter Feng Dong streamway.
2007.02.08 Dawn storm. Rainy morning. Duncan, George paperwork. Erin, Matt, Steve, Monty arrive.
2007.02.09 Still raining - all go to photograph Crusty Duvets.
2007.02.10 George, Duncan survey upstream Plug'ole in south-west. Stops raining. Matt, Erin, Monty, Steve photo, survey Skylight.
2007.02.11 Matt, Monty depart. George, Duncan resurvey Slideways. Erin, Steve survey Squeezeways to climb.
2007.02.12 Erin, Steve survey Squeezeways2. Duncan, George survey Incongruous2.
2007.02.13 Duncan, Steve survey Ma Wan upper entrance. George, Erin survey Madhouse.
2007.02.14 Erin draws up. Duncan, George, Steve rig Levitation.
2007.02.15 Erin hikes to Tongzhi. Duncan, George, Steve rest day and survey drawing.
2007.02.16 Erin recces Tongzhi. Duncan, George, Steve rig, survey Misdirection.
2007.02.17 New Year's Eve party. Erin hikes to Er Wang Dong. Duncan, Erin survey Skylight3. Steve, George to Tiankeng Crawl.
2007.02.18 George, Duncan ill. Packing. Dima arrives.
2007.02.19 Erin packs. Steve, George derig Mumbles. Dima, Duncan derig Bag of Tricks.
2007.02.20 Dima, Steve, Erin, Duncan, George van Er Wang Dong to Wulong. 4 flat tyres.
2007.02.21 Steve to Chengdu. Dima, George to Chongqing.
2007.02.22 George flies to UK.