Houping 2007-1 Expedition Lectures


Hong Meigui members have given numerous talks about caving in China. Below abstracts and in some cases power point files are given for some of those talks.

Houping 2007 by Becka Lawson, Dave Loeffler, George North
Hidden Earth 2007
During the first half of 2007, Hong Meigui CES expeditions to northeastern Wulong, China mapped over 26km. In February varied passage ranged from flat out crawls to a 40m diameter borehole, with a magnificent 90m pitch thrown in for good measure. In April finds included Shang Hetao Wan Dong, the town dump, which was connected to nearby Leng Dong, forming a 249m-deep, 4,865m-long system; and Quan Kou Dong, a 116m-tall entrance with a 3.5 cumecs/sec stream and amazing airflow. In May exploration yielded sporting streamways, massive breakdown, and dozens of skylights.