Luota 2005 Project Diary


Date Summary Time on road
2005.02.15 Van to Guilin, dinner at Shan Shui Hotel
2005.02.16 Van to Yunan, bridge washed out, back to Guilin, on to... 11hr
2005.02.17 Van to Ji Shou. Delayed at icy pass short of Huai Hua 12hr
2005.02.18 Van from Ji Shou to Luo Ta. Detour for petrol 7hr
2005.02.19 Du Jia Dong
2005.02.20 Bai Jia Ao Xiao Xue Dong
2005.02.21 Du Jia Keng
2005.02.22 Wu Yan Dong. Sunny + warm!
2005.02.23 Wu Yan Dong. Still sunny
2005.02.24 Ting Ji Dong Gua La Dong rig + survey upstream. Weather still good.
2005.02.25 Gua La Dong survey to upstream sump, downstream crawl + shaft. Cold + drizzly.
2005.02.26 Paperwork - draw Gua La Dong. Snow!
2005.02.27 More snow! Paperwork. Touirst trip to see trees.
2005.02.28 Paperwork + presentation. Sunny.