Lushan 2003 Expedition Diary


Date Summary T.U. (h) Matt's score
2003.4.18 Matt to Guilin, bought tickets, Ms. Tian delayed -
2003.4.19 fly to Chengdu, dinner @ swank rest. in Chengdu, drive to Lu Shan 2
2003.4.20 buy groceries, quick look @ cave, decide to live outside, piss-up w/ journalists, karaoke 10
2003.4.21 setup camp, <4hrs surveying while being filmed, Apple fired + rehired 10
2003.4.22 Erin ill, waited for dignitary, then surveyed to fountains instead of meeting dignitary 10
2003.4.23 surveyed to Cafe, close loops in Running Lights 6 10
2003.4.24 started "False Start", Yao Ge wanted to survey streamway, surveyed streamway for 8hrs 8 10
2003.4.25 drove to Weita + saw 4 caves trending wrong way, numerous shafts on hillside, continued False Start MIA
2003.4.26 crawled for hours to avoid reporters, new low point for cave, Apple returns to warm embrace of Matt expedition 10
2003.4.27 Lucky spring leads to Marvelous streamway 9 10
2003.4.28 surveyed from "Big Pitch" to another 20m pitch w/ pool at bottom, down the hill for shopping + showers, SARs test, pissup w/ Wendy
2003.4.29 Hungover, ug. @ 2pm crawled @ substation, dry way upstream, big fossil passage, caving in shreddies 5
2003.4.30 Duncan ill, Erin, Matt, Yang survey lead off start of Stomping + connect to end of Stomping 6.5
2003.5.1 Erin + Duncan survey wet loop in N. streamway, Matt + Yang meet at far side (Matt trips over post in s/cave) and survey upstream 9/8
2003.5.2 Doss on surface, Apple returns + walks up hill with lots of food! 0
2003.5.3 Drop pitch in Arab's bathtime. Crawls + climbs in virgin passage lead to roof of a streamway 7
2003.5.4 Short loop over boulder choke; Loop from stn #21 to same choke via Big Pit
2003.5.5 Continue from 4/28 junction down to the red-bit on the company's showcave. d/s a few legs to sump then u/s to water + climb back to s/cave 7
2003.5.6 Early start for Marvelous Streamway. Pushed to division into many inlets. Apple + Yang to far point 11.5
2003.5.7 day off. Down the hill for showers, shopping + hotpot. Night at hotel. New wellies for Duncan 0
2003.5.8 Up the hill, surveyed part of Yang's "3 day lead"
2003.5.9 Julia returns w/ Kevin; D + E survey grim end of N streamway; M + A + J + Y + K walk to lots of entrances 10
2003.5.10 Matt still feeling poorly, D + E survey crawl 4
2003.5.11 All to 2nd entrance - E out ent, rest on epic thru trip w/ farmers 11
2003.5.12 Start of the long vac 0
2003.5.13 To Chengdu. Pizza. Matt attacked by shall children with no receipts 0
2003.5.14 To outdoor shop with Kevin. D + E to survey shops. M + A to buy CDs, books, computer hardware, etc. 0
2003.5.15 D + E to foreign lang b/shop. M + A back to uni, more computer hardware. Summit Club in evening then Paul's + BBQ 0
2003.5.16 D + E romantic lunch then pissup in Pauls. M + A to antiques shops + park + net bar then no dinner :( 0
2003.5.17 M + A have romantic b/fast. To Carrefour. Tou outdoorshop. No ans. from Julia's phone, return to Lushan. No beer! 0
2003.5.18 Up hill in morning. Lights not charged. Didn't cave 0
2003.5.19 Upstream a bit to wobby rock, no go; back to Good Luck Spring + downstream, then closed loops + followed inlet 8
2003.5.20 Finished Red Bit, connecte to Tshop waterfall 6.5
2003.5.21 Long Men Di
2003.5.22 Festered. Down hill in evening for slap-up w/ showcave manager's friends
2003.5.23 Up hill in morning. Festered.
2003.5.24 Long Men Di - Long Men Dong survey completed DC MDR 7
2003.5.25 Deja Vu DC MDR APPLE EML 11.5
2003.5.26 Draw up
2003.5.27 All that Jazz