Lushan 2003 Expedition In print

In print:

For copies of the following publications featuring articles about Hong Megui exploration, contact your local caving books retailer such as Wild Places Publishing in the UK or Speleobooks in the USA

Caving in conglomerate by Erin Lynch
Descent (174) Oct/Nov 2003: 32
International News report summarizing finds of the Lushan 2003 expedition, including a survey and photographs.

Deepest underground drop; new longest cave by Erin Lynch
Descent (172) June/July 2003: 23-24
International News report including details from Hong Meigui Lushan 2003 and summarizing Hong Meigui Nandan 2003 as well as the French PSCJA expedition to Guizhou and the British CCP-Craven expedition to Jingxi and Pingguo in Guangxi.