Hoffman-Hong Meigui Joint Mengzi 2007 Project



24 February 2007 - 15 March 2007


Mengzi County, Honghe District, Yunnan Province, China


The Mengzi-Kaiyuan area is made up of a series of four intermountain karst drainage basins. Recharge for the basins originates from the East Mountain pleateau. It is speculated that the Nan Dong spring located in the north-east corner of the area is the resurgence for the greater Mengzi-Kaiyuan karst graoundwater basin.

The people of Mengzi have insufficient water resources and face water pollution issues.


Assist karst scientists from Southwestern Normal University in their study of the groundwater; train Chinese scientists to map caves and explore them using SRT techniques; perform dye trace and water quality tests while engaging in technology transfer.

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