Miyi 2005 Project Diary


Date Summary
2005.01.14 Leave Yangshuo at 4pm, collect Yang + Deng, train to Kunming at 7:30pm
2005.01.15 Arrive in Kunming 2:30pm; visit Liu Hong; train to Miyi at 8:10pm
2005.01.16 Arrive at Longtan at 4am; afternoon tour of cave + waterfall path
2005.01.17 Surveyed crawls in "Orange Crush" + upper half of Hairshirt streamway
2005.01.18 Lower half of "Hairshirt" + downstream from "Orange Crush"; forgot camera
2005.01.19 Rigged "Wrong Welly" pitch; drill broken + out late so rescuers waiting
2005.01.20 Surveyed "Centered Orange" oxbow; dinner, pack + then night in hotel
2005.01.21 Miyi to Kunming; brave fray at ticket desk; train to Guilin
2005.01.22 Arrive Guilin, van to Yangshuo