Nandan 2005 Expedition Diary


Date Summary
2004.12.18 Thomas + Anja leave Germany.
2004.12.19 Bobby flies to Kunming; Thomas + Anja arrive in Hong Kong.
2004.12.20 Bobby takes train to Hechi; Thomas + Anja take bus to Yangshuo.
2004.12.21 Bobby arrives Hechi, bus to Nandan; Thomas, Erin + Anja take bus to Nandan.
2004.12.22 Bobby, Thomas, Anja, Erin take gear to Lihu "Save the Whiskey"; Andrew + Ju arrive in Guilin.
2004.12.23 "Magic Mystery Tour" Bobby, Thomas, ANja, Erin survey Heini; Joerg, Andrew, Ju arrive.
2004.12.24 All - Hei Ni Dong.
2004.12.25 Andrew, Ju survey Hei Ni Spider's Layer; Erin + Joerg Wang Shang + sinks; Thomas, Anja + Bobby Xmas Decorations in Hei Ni.
2004.12.26 Andrew, Ju survey Huile Dong (48); Anja, Thomas + Erin go to Ban Lao w/ Li Deqin; Joerg + Bobby Shui Jia Zhu Dong.
2004.12.27 Andrew, Ju survey Huile Dong )48); Thomas, Anja "Baiku Yao Chamber" in Drum Cave; Bobby, Erin, Joerg Shui Jiao Da Dong.
2004.12.28 Andrew, Ju, Joerg survey Drum Cave; Anja, Erin, Thomas, Bobby go to Ban Lao.
2004.12.29 All to Shui Yan Dong w/truckers.
2004.12.30 Rest day: Bobby, Thomas, Anja, Joerg - Nandan for supplies; Erin, Andrew, Ju paper work.
2004.12.31 Erin paperwork; Bobby + Joerg rig shaft 60 to stream; Andrew + Ju sruvey dolines 61-63; Thomas + Anja cave 64.
2005.01.01 Bobby, Joerg survey Smoking Yao; Andrew + Erin survey 1.3km thru cave.
2005.01.02 Erin + Joerg upstream, Bobby + Thomas downstream in Smoking Yao; Andrew + Ju Huile Dong.
2005.01.03 Andrew, Erin, Ju walk to Ancun looking for Cow Thru Cave; Bobby, Thomas, Anja to cave w/river coming out of it (70).
2005.01.04 Bobby, Thomas, Anja survey Cave 70; Andrew + Ju bus to Guilin + flight home.
2005.01.05 Anja + Thomas wet leads in Cave 70; Bobby + Erin upstream pushing leads, Velcro Choke in Smoking Yao.
2005.01.06 Travels w/Li: Si Gua Dong.
2005.01.07 Clean up + pack.
2005.01.08 Thomas, Anja, Bobby, erin leave Lihu, arrive in Yangshuo.
2005.01.09 Thomas flies to Hong Kong, then Munich; Bobby buys ticket to Kunming.
2005.01.10 Bobby train to Kunming; Erin bus to Shenzhen; Thomas arrives in Munich.
2005.01.11 Bobby arrives in Kunming; Erin arrives in Hong Kong.
2005.01.12 Anja takes bus to Guangzhou