Nandan 2006 Expedition Diary


Date Summary
2005.12.13 Dave + Jonathan leave NZ, arrive in Hong Kong.
2005.12.14 Dave + Jonathan apply for Chinese visas.
2005.12.16 Dave + Jonathan get Chinese visas. Mike + Andrea arrive HK to spend several days as tourists.
2005.12.17 Dave + Jonathan leave Hong Kong.
2005.12.18 Dave + Jonathan arrive in Yangshuo.
2005.12.19 Dave, Jonathan, Neil, Erin Yangshuo - Nandan; Steve W, Steve L arrive in HK; Duncan ill.
2005.12.20 Dave, Jonathan, Neil, Erin Nandan - Lihu. Erin sorts internet. Dave, Jonathan, Neil walk to Huali. Mike, Andrea, Steve W, Steve L Hong Kong - Yangshuo; Duncan ill.
2005.12.21 Dave + Jonathan go to Huali, don't find Wu Dong, drink with locals; Neil rigs Smoking Yao. Mike, Andrea, Steve W, Steve L Yangshuo - Nandan; Duncan ill.
2005.12.22 Dave + Neil rig Wu Dong; Mike, Andrea, Steve W, Steve L arrive, go on surface walk w/Erin, find 81-89. Duncan ill.
2005.12.23 Erin + Steve W survey mutant catfish in Smoking Yao; Jonathan ill; Dave + Neil go to Wu Dong, Dave ill; Andrea, Steve L, Mike survey entrance cave 88; Duncan ill.
2005.12.24 Erin + Steve W survey oil slick in Smoking Yao; Jonathan surface walk; Dave, Neil, Steve L survey shaft, break drill bit in Wu Dong; Mike + Andrea finish 88, start 89; Duncan Yangshuo - Nandan.
2005.12.25 Steve W + Neil rig + survey Great Wall in Wu Dong; Mike, Steve W rig + survey Shui Xiang Dong; Duncan arrives; Jonathan gives slide show of NZ.
2005.12.26 Jonathan, Erin, Andrea surface wander + 90-93 near Huali; Steve W + Neil walk Smoking Yao - Huali find 94-96; Duncan, Mike, Steve L crouching catfish in Smoking Yao.
2005.12.27 Neil + Dave recce along line of Smoking Yao, find 104 + survey; Mike, Andrea, Erin, Duncan, Jonathan data day; Steve L + Steve W gps + rig Smoking Mao.
2005.12.28 Jonathan + Erin recce to Da Gou He, find 106-119; Duncan ill; Mike, Andrea, Steve L mopup Yang Jia Dong; Neil, Steve W, Dave rig Shit pit, find 122.
2005.12.29 Jonathan, Erin, Andrea, Mike survey + photo Lion Mouth; Steve L + Duncan survey 116, 123-125; Neil, Dave, Steve W derig Wu Dong, move rope to 122.
2005.12.30 Jonathan, Mike, Andrea, Steve L recce E of Huali 126, 127; Steve W, Neil, Dave rig People Throw Rocks Down Cave; Erin recces Xiniu choke.
2005.12.31 Duncan, Steve L, Mike, Jonathan survey/photo in 125; Erin + Andrea go to school, survey choke in Xiniu; Steve W, Neil, Dave drive to Feiyuan Park. Fireworks!
2006.01.01 Jonathan photographs Erin, Mike, Andrea, Steve + Steve survey in Bai Dong.
2006.01.02 Jonathan photographs, Erin, Mike, Andrea survey darkness goes, Duncan, Steve + Steve survey break on thru in Bai Dong; Neil + Dave walk N + find Misty Mountain mine.
2006.01.03 Mike, Duncan survey Smoking Yao 3b; Steve L + Steve W rig + survey Smoking Mao; Neil + Dave rig + survey Misty Mountain mine; Andrea + Erin go to school.
2006.01.04 Pack. Lunch with Liang Hui Ren. Bus to Nandan. Dinner with party officials. Neil + Dave karaoke.
2006.01.05 Hangover. All bus Nandan to Guilin, van to Yangshuo, buy tickets.
2006.01.06 Neil flies to Chongqing; Mike, Andrea, Steve L, Steve W bus to HK.
2006.01.07 Mike, Andrea, Steve L, Steve W arrive in HK
2006.01.08 Mike, Andrea, Steve L, Steve W depart HK, fly to US.