China Caves Project - Hong Meigui Joint Tianxing 2002 Expedition Diary


Date Summary People
2002.8.27 Rig to top of Laptop BJ, AL, TC
2002.8.28 Rig to top of Drink AL, EL
Rig to bottom of Sonic Screwdriver TC, BJ
2002.8.29 Tom pulls muscle on Boulder Pitch TC
Rig bottom of Sonic, Rani, Mater, Ming -60 on Pitch Out of Time BJ
Carry bags down, survey EL, AL
2002.8.31 Rig bottom of Pitch Out of Time TC
Explore horizontal passage and survey BJ, TC, EL, AL
2002.9.2 Push horizontal passage to sump then climb up fossil passage which goes to large streamway BJ, TC
Bag of rope out AL, EL