Dong Ba 2003 Expedition



1 September 2003 - 1 November 2003


Tianxing Village, Jiang Kou Township, Wulong County, Chongqing Municipality, China


Tianxing is an exciting area which has thus far yielded two of the deepest potholes in China: Qikeng Dong (-920m) and Dong Ba (-655m). At -500m Dong Ba encounters a level of major horizontal development with several big leads and the possibility of a connection to the nearby Qikeng Dong to form a 13km long system.


First, establish a camp at depth in Dong Ba and continue exploration there. Second, descend Da Keng, (lit. "Big Pit") an enormous surface shaft which has a 6 second free fall from -100m. The expedition will also search for new entrances on higher ground to the south where depth potential exceeds 1km and to collect biological specimens as part of a continuing collaboration with Chinese zoologists.

Expedition Members