Dong Ba 2003 Expedition Diary


Date Summary TU (hours)
2003.08.27 Duncan leaves Guilin for Hong Kong on overnight sleeper bus
2003.08.28 Duncan arrives HK, his visa expires, applies for 1 yr visa, shopping, beers w/Fred
2003.08.29 Bill leaves UK; email from Andy Eavis; frantic phone calls, D shops for dehydrated meals
2003.08.30 Duncan bus 96 meals + 7 soups, gets visa, meets Bill @ airport, wait but no Brian, rush to Shenzhen for bus
2003.08.31 D+B arrive Guilin, call B's wife in UK, B gave wrong date!, page B at HK airport, B rush to catch bus
2003.09.01 B arrives GL! swank lunch @ Inst, Matt's bus to GL broken, 49 bags to station, told must pay 300 for excess bags, consider bus to CQ! use porters (40Y) + not charged on train to Liuzhou
2003.09.02 beer, snails, friendly station attendants in Liuzhou, bags on packed train in hard seat, buy hard sleeper + move 49 bags through train, long slepp, lunch in dining car
2003.09.03 photo train going 'round curve, van station to Chaotianmen, shopping, bus to Wulong, beer w/Mr. Li
2003.09.04 more shopping, register w/police, truck to Wenfu--TX road under construction, bigger truck to TX, sort accom.
2003.09.05 Dunks ill, Brian + Bill rig to Acrobat, Erin sketches pitches, Matt videos 6.5
2003.09.06 Dunks + Brian rig to top of Wet Series, Matt forgets boilersuit, Matt, Bill, Erin survey 2 pitches 7/0.5
2003.09.07 festered, Matt to Chengdu, washed new rope, Bill + Brian gps Tuwan Dong
2003.09.08 D,E survey to bottom of Acrobat, find small extn. Bill + Brian rig to halfway down 100m 8/10
2003.09.09 Fester -- Erin packs cave food -- It is raining
2003.09.10 Erin + Bill surveyed to bottom of Rat pitch, then Dunks + Erin rigged to top of Hansel + Gretel. Brian ill 8.5
2003.09.11 Packed bags for camp
2003.09.12 Go down cave Dong Ba
2003.09.13 Push cave Dong Ba
2003.09.14 Come out of cave Dong Ba.
2003.09.15 Fester -- discover mobile stoled, meal in restaurant, fit more hasps.
2003.09.16 Bill & Brian rig Yan Feng Tou, Duncan & Erin go to visit Dam
2003.09.17 Bill & Brian go downstream YFT, D & E do computer stuff (E. ill)
2003.09.18 Brian, Bill, Dunc go upstream YFT then Derig, E does computer (E. ill)
2003.09.19 Fester. Big storm in evening. (E. ill)
2003.09.20 Brian & Duncan go down Liu Jiao Wan
2003.09.21 Bill & Brian go down Liu Jiao Wan it Ghar Paraus then derig - they also get shown shafts on hill; Brian abducted by farmer w/shaft; Vladimir, Ilya, Matt arrive
2003.09.22 Bill, Brian, Vladimir, Ilya drop Luo Gu Dong - blind; Apple arrives
2003.09.23 Bill + Ilya survey Ni Hao Dong; Brian rigs 1st 200m of rope down Da Keng; Erin builds drill batt; Vladimir rigs 2nd 200m
2003.09.24 Brian goes down Da Keng, forgest thru bolts; Bill, Vladimir, Apple, Matt explore Tao Wan Dong
2003.09.25 Ilya, Matt, Apple retrieve cow carcass; Brian + Vladimir rig Da Keng 180m freehang; Bill, D + E draw up
2003.09.26 D + E survey Da Keng ent. shaft; Brian builds drill battery; Bill leaves
2003.09.27 Brian + Vladimir skyhook Da Keng's 180, drop 35 + push rift; Erin sketches entrance; I + D push Yan Feng Tuo to climb
2003.09.28 Fester.
2003.09.29 Brian packs for camp + rerigs top Da Keng; Matt + Apple photo Tuo Wan Dong; Dunks + Erin dig Dongba duck drain; V + I find Xingao + Qian Kou entrances
2003.09.30 Matt + Apple leave; Brian + Vladimir rig to Da Keng horizontal passage, scoop 1 hr; Brian camps; I + D + E fester
2003.10.01 Erin + Brian survey the 200m in Da Keng
2003.10.02 Erin, Brian + Vladimir pack for camp;
2003.10.03 Erin, Brian, Vladimir descend Da Keng, survey The Answer + down 2 pitches + along Wind Tunnel in Da Keng.
2003.10.04 Duncan + Ilya rig, survey, derig Qian Kou; Brian takes photos + re-rigs 10m and 35m pitches in Da Keng; Vladimir, Brian + Erin survey to Horse Head Junction
2003.10.05 Matt + Jenny arrive; Brian, Vladimir + Erin survey upstream in Wind Tunnel, pretty + low inlets + Pony Express in Da Keng
2003.10.06 Erin, Brian, Vladimir survey wet pitch + The Ferryman in Da Keng. Get wet.
2003.10.07 Erin, Brian, Vladimir come our of Da Keng; Brian + Vladimir derig + haul up bottom 200m.
2003.10.08 Fester. Ilya, Vladimir, Brian, Matt find 2 shafts near Da Keng. Pack photo gear for derig. Pissup!
2003.10.09 V + I leave; Matt, Brian, Jenny, Dunks photo Da Keng 300m
2003.10.10 All derig Da Keng
2003.10.11 Rope washing; Matt, Brian, Jenny descend ??? to -40m, choked.
2003.10.12 Trip down hill; Matt, Brian, Jenny see several ents of Furong Jiang tourist boat trip
2003.10.13 Brian leaves for CQ; Matt, Dunks, Jenny, Erin back up the hill
2003.10.14 Matt + Jenny bottom + survey Ilya's hole, 1 hanger stuck
2003.10.15 Matt + Jenny retrieve hanger, survey bottom pitch Ilya's hole, bottom + survey Di Shu Tang
2003.10.16 Jenny ill.
2003.10.17 Erin + Duncan down hill to get forecast. (Jenny ill) sunny
2003.10.18 Dunk + Erin back up hill; Dunks, Erin, Jenny surface survey Da Keng to Qikeng
2003.10.19 rain; Matt, Jenny, Erin gps Lan Tian Wan Dong; Erin sorts out cave database condustion w/ Lan Ni Wan + C4
2003.10.20 Matt + Jenny re-gps Sui Lin Ao Kou; Duncan + Erin fail to find Mei Li Shu + Tao Jia Ya Dong, find draughting cave near road instead. Matt leaves. Sunny!
2003.10.21 Duncan, Jenny, Erin rig, survey derig Sui Lin Ao Kou, push crawl in a loop
2003.10.22 Dai Hung takes D, J, E to Liu Jia Wan + Liu Chi Ao Kou; J + E finish Liu Jai Wan. Liu Chi Ao Kou (Xia) goes!
2003.10.23 Dunks + Erin rig 3 pitches, survey screaming frogs in Liu Chi Ao KOu. Jenny ill.
2003.10.24 Erin + Jenny survey Liu Chi Ao Kou to top of 2.6m pitch. Dunks + Dai Hung gpps 4 entrances 6
2003.10.25 Duncan, Erin Jenny get 6 bags of camping gear from The Quarry, derig to top of calcite rift. 3 bags out 15
2003.10.26 Matt returns. Duncan + Erin push Liu Chi Ao Kou to big passage. Matt + Jenny wash + pack 7
2003.10.27 Duncan v. ill. Matt, Jenny, Erin derig Dongba, leave 10 bags at entrance, bring 1 uphill 11
2003.10.28 Wash, check, chain rope. Inventory + pack everything
2003.10.29 Bus Tian Xing to Wulong (flat tyre)