Dong Ba 2003 Expedition Help and equipment needed

Help and equipment needed:

The following is a non-comprehensive list of the gear HMG needs to acquire for Dong Ba 2003 and other upcoming expeditions. Please let us know if you can help with sponsorship, sale prices, used equipment, etc.

9mm (or 10mm) rope			1200m
Karabiners, locking			20
Hangers					50?  	(pending reinventory of Wulong equipment)
Propane/butane cannister stoves		2 or 3
Buoyancy aids				4
Laptop					1	(action: Erin)
Stop bobbins				20
Chest jammers				10
Harnesses				5
Underground meals			270
Chocolate bars				1000?	(action: James)	
Rechargable AA's			10
Darren drums				4
Underground to surface radio		1	(action: Chris)
Rope protectors				20	(make in China?)
Tackle sacks				10	(make in China?)
Gaffer tape				3 rolls	
Lightweight sleeping bags		6	(Chinese duvets a fall-back plan)