Dong Ba 2003 Expedition In print

In print:

For copies of the following publications featuring articles about Hong Megui exploration, contact your local caving books retailer such as Wild Places Publishing in the UK or Speleobooks in the USA

Tianxing 2001-2003 by Erin Lynch (Ed.), Duncan Collis (Ed.)
Caves of China Series 2 Vol 1 2006
Journal covering three years of exploration in Tianxing by the China Caves Project and Hong Meigui CES. A4 glossy full-colour journal includes 2 maps, 13 surveys, and 79 photos plus a 59cmx76cm colour poster featuring a survey of Qikeng Dong and Dongba Dong.

Expedition Report: Tian Xing 2003 by Jenny Drake
Speleology (5) Dec 2005: 15-17
Article about the Tianxing 2003 expedition, including photos, surveys and area map.

China 2003 by Bill Miners
UBSS Newsletter () Christmas 2003: 19-23
Article about the Dong Ba 2003 expedition.

Six seconds in Da Keng by Erin Lynch
Descent (175) Dec/Jan 2003/2004: 23
International News report summarizing finds of the Dong Ba 2003 expedition.