Dong Ba 2003 Expedition Expedition report

Expedition report:

Status of the Tian Xing 2001-2003 publication, which will be a glossy 32 page full-colour magazine with all text and captions in both Chinese and English. The bulk of space in the publication will surveys and photos. It is expected to retail for under 10 quid. The Qikeng-Dong Ba sheet may be sold seperately due to prohibitive printing costs.


Please scan all photos to as high a quality as possible. Slides should be scanned at 2700dpi or better using software that has Digital ICE to remove scratches. Do not sharpen images. Save images as tiff whenever possible. The publications needs 30-40 images plus excellent front and back cover shots.

PhotographerStatus of photos
2001 group??
AndyNo current contact info
ChrisPending rescanning
Brian50% rescanned, 50% missing.
IlyaNo photos
Matt95% rescanned
ErinAll okay
JennyAll okay. Possible collage?
TacoSome photos
VladimirAll okay


Below is a list of most of the surveys which will appear in the publication and their status. At present it looks like surveys will occupy 11.5 pages worth of space, plus both sides of a A4-sized fold out which is not counted in the 32 page length of the publication. There will also be a Qikeng-Dong Ba poster sized survey.

SurveyScaleSize in pubStatus
Area Topo A4Finished (may need slight tweaking)
Da Keng1:2000A3Plan mostly finished
Da Xiao Dong (CCP 2001)??A3???
Ilya's Hole1:500A6Finished
Liu Chi Ao Kou Xia Dong1:10003xA4 (fold out)Finished
Liu Jia Wan Dong1:500A6Finished
Liu Jiao Wan Dong1:1000A6Finished
Ni Hao Dong1:2000A4Finished
Qian Kou Dong 20031:1000A6Finished
Qikeng Dong - Dong Ba1:20002xA0 (seperate sheet)Qikeng plan mostly done
Sui Lin Ao Kou1:1000A6Needs tracing
Tao Wan Dong1:500A6Finished
Yan Feng Tuo Dong1:20004xA4 (fold out)Finished