Tianxing 2004 Expedition



1 October 2004 - 1 November 2004


Tianxing Village, Jiang Kou Township, Wulong County, Chongqing Municipality, China


Tianxing is home to the three deepest potholes in China: Qikeng Dong (-920m), Dong Ba (-649m) and Da Keng (-668). Dong Ba and Qikeng Dong are well situated to connect, while Da Keng has a further undescended pitch. On the final week of the 2003 expedition a new strongly draughting entrance, Liu Chi Ao Kou, was found with potential to go deeper than all three.


The primary aims will be to push Liu Chi Ao Kou and Da Keng. If the weather is dry an attempt will be made to connect Dong Ba to Qikeng Dong.

Expedition Members