Tianxing 2004 Expedition Diary


Date Summary TU (hours)
2004.09.29 Duncan + Rob leave Yangshuo noon. Brian leaves Eyemouth
2004.10.01 Duncan + Rob arrive Wulong 1am. Brian arrives Wulong 8pm. Matt leaves Chengdu
2004.10.02 Duncan, Rob + Brian take bus to Tian Xing, arrive 6pm. Matt arrives Tian Xing 9pm
2004.10.03 Russians arrive Tian Xing 1.30am. Pissup. Rob, Duncan, Matt rig Liu Chi Aokou Xia, Brian rigs Da Keng.
2004.10.04 Rob, Ilya, Ilya, Kirill rig/survey Liu Chi Aokou Shang; Duncan Matt Brian, Vladimir Liu Chi Aokou Xia (film).
2004.10.05 Matt + Brian rig/survey Su Jia Ba; Rob + Duncan surface prospect; Petya, Dima, Ilya Da Keng.
2004.10.06 Duncan rigs Liu Chi Aokou Xia; Erin arrives; Matt, Brian, Russians Liu Chi Aokou Shang
2004.10.07 Matt + Brian rig/survey Su Jia Ba; Ilya A, Dima, Kirill rig/survey Liu Chi Aokou Shang; Other Russians film Qian Kou
2004.10.08 Brian, Peter, Vladimir, Dmitry setup camp + rig bottom pitches in Da Keng; Rob + DUncan survey downstream LCAKX; Matt leaves
2004.10.09 Masha leaves; Brian, Vladimir, survey Pony Express; Peter + Dima video/scoop Da Keng
2004.10.10 Peter + Dima video/survey in Da Keng; Brian + Vladimir photo; Rob + Duncan survey Beyond Potato LCAKX
2004.10.11 Peter, Dima, Brian, Vladimir prussik out of Da Keng; Ilya + Kirill check leads in YFT
2004.10.12 Rob + Duncan check out Xie Jia Wan 1 + 2, Da Bao Dong, etc.; Ilya, Peter + co. film Da Keng
2004.10.13 Russians + Brian + Rob swim in Mi Dong
2004.10.14 Wet and cold. No caving. Big party for Russians
2004.10.15 Russians leave. Wet and cold. No caving
2004.10.16 Brian + Rob survey Dysentry in LCAKX
2004.10.17 Erin + Duncan survey Right Kind of Disco in LCAKX; Rob + Brian find Tuo Ta Bo, etc.
2004.10.18 Fester
2004.10.19 Dunks finds sink above LCAKX avens; Erin votes; Rob + Brian survey + rig You Lucky Lucky Bastards LCAKX
2004.10.20 Dave arrives; Dunks + Dave go for surface wander; Dave, Rob, Erin dig above LCAKX; Brian looks for ents
2004.10.21 Dave + Duncan survey + rig Riggwelter in LCAKX; Rob + Brian rig ent to Keng Dang Dang; Oliver arrives
2004.10.22 Erin + Rob survey upstream LCAKX; Olver + Brian survey Mi Dong; Dunks finds LMCCD
2004.10.23 Rob, Duncan, Erin survey LMCCD entrance; Oliver, Brian + Dave camp in Da Keng
2004.10.24 Rob, Duncan rig + survey Cats + Dogs, Old Bone in LMCCD; Barry arrives; Oliver, Brian + Dave survey lake section + Topless in Da Keng
2004.10.25 Fester; Oliver, Brian + Dave Da Keng camp
2004.10.26 Duncan + Barry rig Cloud Burst, survey Houpin in LMCCD w/ Rob + Erin; Oliver, Brian + Dave prussik out
2004.10.27 Oliver leaves. Dave, Barry, Brian surface recce new shafts, survey Chazi Ba
2004.10.28 Brian, Barry, Dave (to bottom), Erin (to top) photo, derig Da Keng
2004.10.29 Dave, Barry, Brian, Rob + 4 porters derig Da Keng
2004.10.30 Brian, Matt, Rob Keng Dang Dang rig, rope wash; Dave, Barry finish rope wash; Erin + Duncan LCAKX to top of The Penetrator
2004.10.31 Brian, Dave, Barry Keng Dang Dang rig, survey
2004.11.01 Brian, Dave, Barry Cha Zi Ba rig pitch mark new entrances
2004.11.02 Brian and Dave Cha Zi Ba rig 3rd pitch, survey, derig. Barry Furong Dong
2004.11.03 Brian, Dave wash and clean rope, tackle sacks, tidy, clean rooms; Barry Wulong no internet; Duncan, Erin, Rob rig LCAKX The Penetrator, survey Blue Balls
2004.11.04 Brian, Dave, Barry Bamboo Cave first rig, survey
2004.11.05 Brian, Dave, Barry Bamboo Cave rig to 80m, survey. Erin + Duncan surface survey Tian Xing - Lan Mu
2004.11.06 Brian, Dave, Barry derig Keng Dang Dang + wash rope. Erin + Duncan surface survey
2004.11.07 Brian + Dave Bamboo Cave rig Drafty Pitch find lots of horizontal. Barry MIA. Rob, Erin, Dunks survey Tong Wei Jing
2004.11.09 Rob, Brian, Dave survey below 65m pitch in Bamboo Cave. Erin, Duncan bolt + survey Occluded Front in Lanmu Cun Cun
2004.11.10 Brian packs; gear fettling
2004.11.11 Brian + Dave (A-team) derig Bamboo Cave; Duncan + Erin survey LCAKS
2004.11.12 Brian to Chongqing
2004.11.13 Brian flies from Chongqin 1305
2004.11.15 Rob, Duncan, Erin survey Big Bang + derig LCAKX to Change of Scale
2004.11.16 Rob, Duncan, Erin return from overnight derig, nurse wounds
2004.11.17 All wash rope + rigging kit in glorious sunshine
2004.11.18 Fester. Prussik bags repaired. Erin photographs entrances near Da Keng. Dcave walks near Wenfu
2004.11.19 Rob + Duncan finish LCAKX derig. Erin scans survey notes
2004.11.20 Wash rope
2004.11.21 Dave leaves
2004.11.22 Rob + Duncan derig Lan Mu Cun Cun + survey; Erin surveys in LCAKS
2004.11.23 Wash rope
2004.11.30 Morning at school; lunch w/teachers; truck from Tian Xing to Wulong
2004.12.01 Setup tackle store in Wulong
2004.12.02 Dinner with Yang Li's family; send prezzies to Tian Xing school
2004.12.03 Bus from Wulong to Chongqing; buy survey tapes; 1 night in Chongqing
2004.12.04 Train Chongqing to Liuzhou
2004.12.05 Bus Liuzhou to Lipu, Lipu to Yangshuo