Tianxing 2004 Expedition In print

In print:

For copies of the following publications featuring articles about Hong Megui exploration, contact your local caving books retailer such as Wild Places Publishing in the UK or Speleobooks in the USA

Tian Xing 2004: Russians go! by Ilya Boiko
Expedition Vol 2 (14) March 2005: 98-103
Article about the Tianxing 2004 expedition, including photos. In Russian.

The unreported expeditions of 2004: Hong Meigui in Nandan ... and Tian Xing by Erin Lynch
Descent (182) Feb/Mar 2005: 17
International News item about the Tian Xing 2004 and Nandan 2005 expeditions, including photos.

Tian Xing: report from the field by Erin Lynch
Descent (181) Dec/Jan 2004/2005: 18
International News item about the Tian Xing 2004 expedition, including two photos.

Liu Chi Aokou Xia (China's deepest cave?) by Rob Garrett
Depth Through Thought Vol 14 (9) 20 October 2004
Describes exploration in Liu Chi Aokou Xia Dong.