Yunnan River Caves Expedition Diary


Date Summary
2002.12.2 bus from Tian Xing to Chongqing
2002.12.3 Carrefour!
2002.12.4 train to Kunming
2002.12.5 drinking w/ Liu Hong
2002.12.6 visit Haiyuan Si and Huahong Dong, shao kao in the evening
2002.12.7 map Huahong Dong (Duncan jacks)
2002.12.8 map Treasure, Quarry, Smoking caves (Erin jacks)
2002.12.9 Day off; dinner at the French cafe; free tart; LH - dinner w/ "a lady"
2002.12.10 LH's meeting w/ lady continues; more netbar; B+Q it!; pissup
2002.12.11 pack up + drive to Jiu Xiang in evening; Erin v. hungover
2002.12.12 tourist trap 1, caves 0; visited the showcave after L.H. met w/ "this guy"
2002.12.13 Carpark cave + Zhang Kou/Pig Shit caves
2002.12.14 Mai Tian River caves: Cave #1, Shang Da Dong, Lao Ku (dropped, not surveyed)
2002.12.15 connected two caves together. It was very nice
2002.12.16 Fetid stinking leech thing, back to Kunming
2002.12.17 New VISA!! Hooray!
2002.12.18 trolley! Xmas shopping. Got rid of the fish. "Pissed" @ shao kao