Yunnan 2003 Expedition Diary


Date Who What
7.14-15 RG, HG LHR ->HK
7.16 RG, HG HK -> Shenzhen
7.17 RG, HG Shenzhen -> Kunming. Meet Liu Hong.
7.18 RG, HG Errands in Kunming. Meet Dr. Huang, Xiao Gang & Isa.
7.19 RG, HG Delayed in Kunming. Colour in maps with HC; Night bus to Zhongdian.
7.20 RG, HG, HC Taxi to Xiaozhongdian. Walk into Guli
RG, HG Rig Guli 2.
7.21 RG, HG, HC Push & survey Guli 1.
7.22 RG, HG Survey Guli 2. Guli to ZD. HC leaves. Meet rest of party.
HB, GL Langstrothdale.
ML, LS Hils' suggested route up to plateau from 722622
7.23 All Admin day ZD.
7.23-25 GL, HB 2 night! camp Langstrothdale
7.24 ML, LS Surface recce to
7.24-25 HG, DC Recce. Navigation Abortion.
7.27-29 GL, HB Yak butter tea camp
7.27-30 HG, MH, PT Camp @ shakehole area
7.31 HG, HB Surveyed Bone Cave
GL Access recce to lake GP 571 749
8.03 HG, RG, LH, ML, LS, HB Guided recce to CAVE1 - CAVE4.
8.04 HG, PT Bottom C3-49 & C3-50. Find C3-57 through C3-62. Start exploration of C3-62.
HB, DC 7 second rattle + Fairy Cave
LH return ZD.
8.05 All down to Zhongdian. Exped dinner.
8.06 PT, ML, LS, MH Leave for Kunming
8.07 HG, RG, GL, HB, DC. Establish camp @ stream sink bowl.
8.08 HG, RG Bottom C3-62, C3-60 (?), C3-61 (?)
8.09 DC Camp -> Zhongdian. Leave exped.
HG, HB Surface recce to northern plateau village
RG, GL Bottom and survey Blue Poppy Cave
8.10-11 HC, RG Ye kong recce. Find C3-67 through C3-80
8.12 HG, RG, HB, GL Return to ZD
8.13 All Rest day in ZD. HB leaves.