Yunnan 2003 Expedition Expedition report

Expedition report:

The full expedition report is available for download as a PDF (7.4Mb).


Hong Meigui Yunnan 2003 was a 5-week, 10-man caving expedition to Yunnan Province, China. The expedition was affiliated to the Hong Meigui Cave Exploration Society, an international society based in China.

The primary aim of the expedition was to find and explore caves that had the potential for depths in the range 1500-2500m. The expedition investigated a mountain range between the town of Zhongdian and the Jinsha Jiang river. Exploration was carried out both at river level, and on the mountaintops. At river level, a large resurgence cave was explored and surveyed for 200m, until exploration was stopped by the high water levels at this time of year. On the mountaintops, 63 new entrances were logged and explored, to a maximum depth of 70m.

Follow-up expeditions are planned for 2004. An expedition in February will continue exploration of the resurgence cave. A summer expedition will return to the plateau areas, and continue the search for connecting entrances.