Yunnan Resurgences 2004 Expedition Diary


Date Summary
2004.01.16 E buys NiCd batteries in HK
2004.01.17 E bus Shenzhen to Guilin; C leaves the UK
2004.01.18 E arrives in Guilin; C arrives in HK
2004.01.19 C applies for China visa, buys down jacket
2004.01.20 D + E train to Kunming; C gets China visa
2004.01.21 D + E arrive in Kunming, R + C fly to Kunming, dinner w/Liu Hong, buy tickets to Lijiang
2004.01.22 All bus to Lijiang; no buses to Zhongdian; night in Lijiang
2004.01.23 Bus to Judian, breadvan to Shui Lian Dong; whiskey + cookies for Duncan's birthday; night club; drunken + naked caving
2004.01.24 Survey into Shui Lian Dong -- Disco Fever to Writing on the Ceiling
2004.01.25 Survey Talisker Trail to the Still. Freeclimbed above the Distillery
2004.01.26 Survey into Deep Shit
2004.01.27 Dunks, Rich, Chris walk up N tributary to sumped resurgence, see another ent; Erin walks N along road
2004.01.28 Chris + Rich kill all leads in Shui Lian Dong; Erin walks S along road
2004.01.29 Erin + Chris walk up valley near Qizong; Rich + Duncan walk up S tributary, fail to find sink
2004.01.30 Duncan, Rich, Chris go to Straight Valley, find 2 huge resurgences at Ji Ren Shui; Pissup
2004.01.31 Hangovers; Rich traces contours all day
2004.02.01 Rich + Chris walk up to Yao Dong, spend night in viallage
2004.02.02 Erin + Duncan survey wet entrance; Rich + Chris return from village + go on pointless random recce
2004.02.03 Erin + Rich wash gear; Chris + Duncan check out southern valley
2004.02.04 all take van to Zhongdian, then sleeper bus to Kunming
2004.02.05 Erin + Duncan take train to Guilin; all fester in French Cafe
2004.02.06 Erin + Duncan arrive in Guilin
2004.02.07 Rich and Chris fly to Shenzhen, cross border to Hong Kong
2004.02.08 Chris flies to the UK
2004.02.09 Chris arrives in the UK