Yunnan Resurgences 2004 Expedition Equipment


This expedition travelled with 190kg of equipment, 145kg of which went by train.

Gear that went to Zhongdian (most of which was not used):
	2 fireflies
	"OUCC" instruments
	yellow Suunto instruments
	2 x 50m survey tapes
	2 survey notebooks
	waterproof paper
	4 markers
	4 nail varnish
	cello tape
	1 binder
	30 sleeves
	printer paper
	2 scale rulers
	2 rolls yellow tape
	24 prongs
	7 pencils
	spare pencil lead
	writable cd's
	2 multiplug blocks
	3 plug converters
	3 lead acid chargers
	3 x 12V lead acid video light batteries
	2 x 24V drill batteries
	2 2-way radios and charger
	8 GP 2000mAh rechargable AAs and charger
	drill cover
	50 hangers and maillions
	250 thru bolts
	1 rockpecker
	4 drill bits and case
	20 krabs
	15 medium slings
	3 long slings
	1 6mm rope
	2 hammers
	5 rope protectors
	4 buoyancy aids
	6 drybags
	1 darren drum
	CCP float cord
	CCP multiplug block
	CCP scanner
	First aid bag
	Adhesives bag
	Sewing bag
	Rescue Runner bag

Consumables used:
	ibuprofen and paracetamol
	1 course co-amoxiclav (from 2001) (Erin had a nasty earache) 
	cotton buds
	waterproof paper
	some nail varnish, pencil lead, marker ink, printer ink, printer paper
	1 prong
	2 pencils
	1 scale ruler broken (repaired with Araldite)
	small amount of Aquasure
	1 clear plastic sleeve
	6 thru bolts (2 used, 4 lost)
	1 survey tape lost 50cm
	19 snickers bars (left from Tian Xing 2003)
	1 bungie cord broke in half
	12 writable cd's

Gear knackered:
	1 hanger and maillion abandoned in "Deep Shit"
	trollies knackered and repaired

Consumables added to club store by the expedition:
	3 scrub brushes
	48 snickers bars	

Gear added to club store by the expedition (includes 1 gear deposit):
	"Rescue Runner":	
		prussik bag
		long-life candle (donated by Rich Gerrish)
		small drybag
	drill cover
	padding for drill drybag
	2 new drill switches (one donated by CCP)
	1 x 7Ah 24V lead acid drill battery (cells donated by CCP) 
	3 x 7Ah 12V lead acid video light batteries (donated by CCP)
	2 x 12V lead acid battery chargers (donated by CCP)
	20 x 2.5 Ah NiCd cells (for building drill battery) 
	6 Chinese buoyancy aids 
	chuck key
	drill switch opening tool	
	FIXME 6mm drill bits (donated by Rich Gerrish)
	FIXME 6mm thru bolts (donated by Rich Gerrish)
	FIXME maillions (donated by Rich Gerrish)

Gear knackered between this expedition and the previous one:
	1 GP 1800mAh rechargable AA (packed wet after Tian Xing 2003)
	1 multiplug block (stolen from D+E's apartment while charging drill batteries!)
	large gear moving trolly rusted (needs new welds)