Yunnan 2005 Expedition Diary


Date Summary
2005.07.07 BS,AM leave London amid the panic.
2005.07.08 BS,AM arrive in Hong Kong. Met by EL. Stay at Rich Gerrish's place.
2005.07.09 EL applies for visa. BS, AM,EL catch overnight bus to Yangshuo.
2005.07.10 EL,BS,AM arrive Yangshuo at 0430; DC still in pub! Climb that afternoon.
2005.07.11 AM,BS hire bikes in Yangshuo.
2005.07.12 EL,AM,BS climb at Coppergate. Survey small part of coppergate cave.
2005.07.13 EL,AM,BS climb at Babyfrog. Joined by DC for a swim.
2005.07.14 EL,AM,BS Survey Low Mountain cave and climb.
2005.07.15 EL,DC,EM,BS Gear fettling then Russian BBQ.
2005.07.16 EL,DC,AM,BS Hungover. AM goes climbing
2005.07.16 RB,LD,MB,JB,JW,RK leave London
2005.07.16 SW flies seperately from London
2005.07.17 BS,AM catch van to Guilin then train to Kunming
2005.07.17 RB,LD,MB,JB,JW,RK arrive Kunming. RB,MB,JW without luggage.
2005.07.17 SW arrives Kunming.
2005.07.18 AM,BS met at train station by LD,SW,RB,RK,JW,JB
2005.07.18 SW,BS,AM collect kit from Liu Hong
2005.07.18 AM,BS,RK,SW,JB,LD catch sleeper bus from Kunming to Zhongdian
2005.07.19 MB,JW,RB fly Kunming to Zhongdian.
2005.07.19 AM,BS,RK,SW,JB,LD arrive Zhongdian
2005.07.19 AM,BS,RK,SW,JB,LD,MB,JW,RB Gear sort out
2005.07.20 RB,LD,RK,MB,JB look at resurgences behind Milk River Guesthouse (MRG)
2005.07.20 AM,SW,JW,BS walk around Napa Hai
2005.07.21 RB,LD,MB,JB,SW set off on two day trek to resurgences
2005.07.21 AM,BS,JW,RK buy food/organise kit + transport
2005.07.22 RB,LD,MB,JB,SW arrive resurgences at 10pm
2005.07.22 AM,BS,JW,RK survey 50m of waterfall cave (C3-118) in high water conditions
2005.07.23 AM,BS,JW,SF take 4x4 to resurgences with kit. SF back to MRG
2005.07.23 SF,ML,KF arrive early in Zhongdian. Stay in MRG with RK
2005.07.23 AM,BS,JW,RB,LD,MB,JB,SW camp at resurgences
2005.07.24 AM,BS,SW,LD,MB,JB walk on HEP road, drink beer in valley and get lift back to camp
2005.07.24 RB,JW walk up steep hill behind resurgences
2005.07.24 SF,KF,ML,RK organise buying more food in Zhongdian
2005.07.25 LD,MB,JB,RB take bread van and all kit to Zhongdian
2005.07.25 AM,BS,SW,JW walk to road end and take bus (Y20!) to Zhongdian
2005.07.25 SF,KF,RK,ML Planned. Walked behind monastery?
2005.07.26 AM,SW,RK head to area west of airport 'area2'
2005.07.26 BS,RB head to southern most 'pink limestone' area 'area3'
2005.07.26 LD,MB,JB,JW,ML,SF,KF head to hanging vally/village above Napa Hai 'area1'
2005.07.27 AM,SW,RK head up to next village and taken up hill (4350m) by Tibetan girl. Camp
2005.07.27 BS,RB prospecting area 3, then return to MRG
2005.07.27 LD,MB,JB,JW,ML,SF,KF prospecting area 1
2005.07.28 AM,SW,RK head down Cheddar Gorge to MRG
2005.07.28 BS,RB rest day
2005.07.28 LD,MB,JB,JW,ML,SF,KF retuirn to MRG
2005.07.28 HP arrives from Vietnam
2005.07.29 LD,MB,JB,JW,ML,SF,KF,BS,RB,RK,SW,AM organise food and kit
2005.07.29 ML,SF organise horses with Daisy
2005.07.30 LD,MB,JB,JW,ML,SF,KF,BS,RB,RK,AM,HP meet horses and walk up to Dawa's. 4 horses arrive and we camp at Dawa's
2005.07.30 SW heads home via Laijing/Dali and Kunming
2005.07.31 BS,LD stay at camp and await rest of horses
2005.07.31 AM,RK,HP,KF look for cave on limestone pinnacle ('The Fingers')
2005.07.31 RB,MB,JB return to previously logged caves
2005.07.31 ML,SF head up vally to 'Top Sink'
2005.08.01 AM,BS,KF,ML head up the valley to Top Sink and dam stream. AM,BS,KF prospect base of cliff face
2005.08.01 SF comes up to meet ML sfter meeting horsemen at camp for the highest dig in the world
2005.08.01 JW,HP leave early to check Jon's hole then return and play with Dawa's boy
2005.08.01 RB,LD,MB,JB,RK refind and drop shafts on limestone hill area
2005.08.02 RB,JB drop C3-215 and go up 'Half Dome' hill
2005.08.02 AM,BS,KF,HP survey Dragon's Arse (C3-52)
2005.08.02 ML,SF,LD do 3 pots , 'Top Sink' area
2005.08.02 MB,RK stay in camp. JW rests and prospects 'Phone Signal' hill
2005.08.03 RB,JW go to Jon's dig on 'Phone Signal' hill
2005.08.03 AM,BS go and drop pots found last year on 'Phone Signal' hill (C3-297 + C3-299)
2005.08.03 SF,HP,MB,RK go and survey/push 'Friendly Pot', 'Top Sink' area (C3-)
2005.08.03 ML,KFJB,LD stay in camp
2005.08.04 LD,MB,JB,JW,ML,SF,KF,BS,RB,RK,AM,HP return to MRG from Dawa's
2005.08.05 Rest day
2005.08.05 AM,BS,KF,JW,HP,LD,MB,JB visit hot springs
2005.08.06 AM,BS,HP carry food up to Napa Hai camp (area1), then return to MRG
2005.08.06 KF,SF,ML,RK,JB,MB,JW,RB walk up and camp above Napa Hai (area1)
2005.08.06 LD rest day
2005.08.07 AM,BS,HP,LD survey notes/logbook day
2005.08.07 KF,SF walk to area Hils had identified
2005.08.07 RK,JB,JW,RB survey top entrance Napa Hai cave (C3-338)
2005.08.07 ML,MB return to MRG
2005.08.08 KF,SF return from Hil's area to MRG
2005.08.08 RB,JW go down muddy shaft. JB takes photos. RK rests
2005.08.08 AM,BS,HP,ML,LD sort/wash kit. MB rests.
2005.08.09 LD,MB,JB,JW,ML,SF,KF,BS,RB,RK,AM,HP sort/wash/post kit