Zhangjiajie 2003 Project Diary


Date Summary T.U. (h)
2003.11.29 He + Julia Tian arrive in Guilin, banquet
2003.11.30 Zhanghai, Duncan, Erin, He depart Guilin by train
2003.12.01 arrive Zhangjiajie, buy supplies, dinner w/Tian Men Shan company
2003.12.02 walk up hill, tour of entrances
2003.12.03 Gui Gu Tian Yan, "Shithole" cave, evening trip down Gui Dong
2003.12.04 all down Gui Dong, rig + survey first 6 pitches, Ding Ding arrives 7
2003.12.05 Ding Ding, He Ying + Zhang Hai down new shaft; Erin + Duncan rig 2 more pitches in Gui Dong; all down hill in a hurry; call from Rich 5
2003.12.06 all move to Lao Zhang's family home, see Da Dong + Mi Shui Dong ents, Ding Ding to Nanning
2003.12.07 SRT practice for Lao Quan; Zhanghai + Lao Ying to Guilin; Erin + Duncan surface survey
2003.12.08 SNOW! Dunks v. hungover; Rich arrives at night
2003.12.09 survey fossil inlet + upstream with 3 english students, Zhang Yong + guy in camos 5
2003.12.10 heavy rain + snow melt at night; walk to cave entrance -- Da Dong + Mi Shui Dong in flood; sesh 0.5
2003.12.11 survey downstream to junction with Champ-Elysees + upstream to second entrance 5.5
2003.12.12 survey downstream to River Inseine , Shoe Shop + up to 3720:1 8.5
2003.12.13 survey 3720:1 to Detention Level, Trash Compactor + out Beggar's Canyon for loop 7
2003.12.14 shopping trip in town; Rich leaves for HK
2003.12.15 Erin + Dunks leave for Guilin
2003.12.16 Erin + Dunks arrive in Guilin