Zhangjiajie 2003 Project Equipment


Gear that went to Zhangjiajie (most of which was not used):
	3 markers
	3 nail varnish
	2 rolls yellow tape
	3 pens
	3 pencils
	1 cellotape
	1 scale ruller
	2 survey notebooks
	1 survey tape
	CCP scanner
	CCP drill + 2 batteries + multiplug strip
	printer + printer paper
	5 tackle sacks
	3 dry bags
	multiplug strip
	50 thru bolts
	50 hangers w/maillions + thru bolts
	15 medium slings
	3 long slings
	10 tectors
	10 locking Bernies krabs
	1 hammer
	1 rockpecker
	Hong Meigui "OUCC" survey instruments
	4 drill bits + drill bit case
	First aid bag
	Adhesives bag
	Sewing bag
	(Incomplete) rescue runner

Consumable gear used:
	4 ibuprofen (for hangovers)
	some athletic tape (Rich had a nasty cut)
	30 sheets waterproof paper
	small roll of flagging
	some nail varnish, pencil led, marker ink, printer ink
	3 prongs
	surface notebook (Chinese kind w/gridded paper)
	1 ring binder + 4 clear plastic sleeves
	18 thru bolts
	survey tape lost 50cm

Gear donated to club store by the expedition:
	Repairs to 9 oversuits (30Y)
	Foam squares (for drill padding) (5Y)
	Heat shrink (5Y)