Zhangjiajie 2004 Project Diary


Date Summary
2004.03.16 Dave leaves the UK
2004.03.17 Dave arrives in Hong Kong on same plane as Andy Eavis, stays with Rich
2004.03.18 Dave gets his visa
2004.03.19 Dave goes to Guangzhou, gets sleeper to Guilin; Andy Eavis + Huw go home
2004.03.20 Dave arrives in Gulin; CCP exp heads home from Guilin
2004.03.21 Dave fixes firefly; Dunks goes shopping; Dave, Erin, Dunks, Zhanghai leave Guilin by train
2004.03.22 Dave, Duncan, Erin arrive in ZZJ; Zhanghai arrives in Jisuo; three walk to Fei Hu Dong + find resurgence at quarry
2004.03.23 all survey Fei Hu Dong to big boulder chamber and 2nd entrance; find stream sink
2004.03.24 all completed survey in Fei Hu Dong + some photos
2004.03.25 surface recce -- found Yang Jiao Dong, Li Gang Dong + Tiankeng, some coal mines + had a look at new dam. Rob misses flight.
2004.03.26 Survey Yang Jiao Dong + connect to sink; call Zhang Zhu Ren -- plan to go up hill next day; Rob arrives ZZJ.
2004.03.27 Rest day. Find Rob at big hotel listed in LP; Dry gear; too late to go up hill by the time sorted. Try + fail to buy a plane ticket for Rob.
2004.03.28 All up hill in am; arrange to buy tickets + radios; details for Lei Gong + Boji Dongs
2004.03.29 Push Gui Dong to choke concllusion; derig.
2004.03.30 9 shafts descended, surveyed + pushed; one has a crawl still going; Rob followed green pipe
2004.03.31 Rainy day; Dunks suit mended; Erin fettles map on computer; D + D find 2 new shafts
2004.04.01 Dropped shafts on Red Pine Peak, spotted big ent near green pipe, drop Yun Dong, walk around N end
2004.04.02 Ying Tao Wan-- it goes! T.U. 6hrs. Rob down the hill + flight to Shanghai
2004.04.03 Ying Tao Wan -- push to dig + pass dig to top of further pitch
2004.04.04 Erin + Dave ill; Dave descneds cliff face to Zushi Dong -- blind
2004.04.05 Erin ill; Dave + Duncan derig Ying Tao Wan; Dunks + Zhanghai rig + survey 3 pitches in Snake Cave
2004.04.06 Erin ill; Dave leaves; Zhanghai, photographer + Dunks push Gui Gu to rotting ladder
2004.04.07 Erin ill; v. bad weather -- roof blows off worker's housing; Rest day
2004.04.08 Zhanghai leaves; Lao Fu shows rig spots for Lei Gong Dong; D bolts route to Guan Yin entrance
2004.04.09 Rig Guan Yin Dong. Stopped by clim up. V. cold cave. Survey + derig
2004.04.10 Rig down cliff to Lei Gong Dong w/ Mr. Li free climbing. Ends after 80m.
2004.04.11 Rig + survey She Dong to old limit.
2004.04.12 Push She Dong down 2 more pitches to choke. Derig. D rigs first two pitches in YTWD.
2004.04.13 Final push down Ying Tao Wan Dong. Ends too low. Derig + wash gear.
2004.04.14 D + E walk down hill, survey Tianmen Dong; meet Zhanghai + Zhang Yu. All train to Liuzhou
2004.04.15 Zhanghai, Duncan + Erin bust from Liuzhou to Guilin