Karst Cafe

Karst Cafe--the best caver/climber cafe in China. It's a great place to find a climbing partner and read about the latest routes that have been put up in the area. Be prepared to party all night and climb all day with Echo, the owner and manageress of the Karst. The Karst Cafe is located in Yangshuo, a must-see on the backpacker trail of China. It's a short bus ride from Guilin in Guangxi Province. To find the Karst in Yangshuo, head towards the water on West Street, and then turn left one street before you hit the river. You can't miss it. We highly recommend their breakfast. In Erin's opinion, they have the best toast in China (something you'll come to appreciate after 5 months on the mainland...)

They also put up with our silly caver games.

Gavin at the Karst Cafe
A typical night at the Karst Cafe