Assorted links related to karst, caves, and cave exploration in China.


  • Tian'E Expedition 2004:  China Caves Project - Yorkshire Rambers Club 2004 expedition to Tian'E.
  • Guizhou 2003:  2003 expedition to Guizhou. A joint project by the Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Verona, an Italian group exploring caves in China since 1991, and the Guizhou Normal University.
  • Guanxi China Caves Expedition 2000:  China Caves Project - Yorkshire Rambers Club 2000 expedition to Lingyun and Leye.

Exploration Clubs and Societies


  • Patrick Warren:  Patrick's pages with photos, surveys, and documents from the China Caves Project - Craven Pothole Club 2003 expedition to Jingxi and Pingguo.
  • Gavin Newman:  Gavin's collection includes some fabulous photos from China Caves Project expeditions.
  • Matt Ryan:  Matt's photos of China.
  • Brian Judd:  Nicely presented photos, diaries, and surveys from Brian's numerous expeditions to China.

Academic Institutes

Equipment Suppliers

Other Resources

  • Show Caves of China:  Details of showcaves throughout China. Lists references, telephone numbers, gps coords where available.