Hong Meigui Members

Brian Judd

Brian has been caving since 1972. Exploration has taken him all over the world, to Uzbekistan, China, France and many other places. In Ireland Brian was invoved in the exploration of the underwater Green Holes in Doolin and the discovery of Poll na gceim, a vertical cave with constricted sumps and a huge boulder choke.

In the UK he took part in the exploration of Brackenbottom Pot, and has dived in Dub Cote, Nidd Heads North West Rising and Black Keld amongst others.

In the 1980's Brian was employed at Aillwee Show Cave in County Clare, Ireland. Currently he works as a teacher in Scotland.

Survey stats

Hongchiba 2002
Blue Underpants
Wulong Media 2002
CCP-HMG Tianxing 2002
Qikeng Dong 2002
Dong Ba 2003
Tianxing 2004
Hongchiba 2006