Hong Meigui Members

Erin Lynch ai lin

Before Erin moved to China she was a member of Cambridge University Caving Club, Red Rose Cave and Pothole Club, Southern California Grotto, and the National Speleological Society (#48123). She volunteered for the Cave Research Foundation. In the US, she briefly mapped caves in California and West Virginia. Abroad, she has caved in the UK, Ireland, Austria, Spain, Mexico and China. For two summers she took part in the Ario 2000 and Xitu 2001 expeditions in Northern Spain. In 2001 she and Rob joined the Projecto Espeleologica Purificacion exploring caves in northern Mexico.

Erin received an undergraduate degree in Mathematics from the California Institute of Technology in 1998. She spent a year studying maths at Cambridge, and returned to Caltech as a graduate student in Control and Dynamical Systems. Her work was with the Transport and Mixing group.

In 2000 Erin received a grant from the Durfee Foundation's American/Chinese Adventure Capital Program to spend a year exploring caves in China. She was so enthralled by the country that she decided to remain in China after her year was up.

Currently Erin is based in Yangshuo and spends all of her time mapping caves in southwest China and occasionally working for the Guilin Karst Institute.

In addition to her work in China, Erin is the editor of Speleology, the bulletin of the British Cave Research Association. If you would like to contribute to Speleology, please contact her at erin at bcra dot org dot uk.

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Guilin SRT Training
Leye 2001
Jingxi 2001 Recce
Nandan 2001
Chongqing 2001
Yunnan 2001
Nu Jiang Preliminary Recce
Nu Jiang 2001
Wulong 2002
Hongchiba 2002
Blue Underpants
Wulong Media 2002
Houping 2002
CCP-HMG Tianxing 2002
Qikeng Dong 2002
Yunnan River Caves
Nandan 2003
Xinhua 2003 Project
Lushan 2003
Dong Ba 2003
Caobo 2003 Project
Zhangjiajie 2003 Project
Yunnan Resurg. 2004
Zhangjiajie 2004 Project
Houping 2004
Beijing 2004 Recce
Tianxing 2004
Nandan 2005
Miyi 2005 Project
Luota 2005 Project
CRF-HMG Hunan 2005
Houping 2005
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Nandan 2006
Houping 2006-1
San Qiao 2006
Hongchiba 2006
Jianshi 2006 Project
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Hoffman-HMG Mengzi 2007
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