Hong Meigui Members

Hilary Greaves

Hilary Greaves is a member of Oxford University Cave Club and the Red Rose Cave and Pothole Club. She has been on expedition to Mexico, Spain (OUCC Extemero 99, Ario 2000, Xitu 2001, Tormenta 2002, Asopladeru La Texa 2005), Austria ( CUCC Expo 2001), Slovenia ( Migovec 2000) and China ( Yunnan 2001, Yunnan 2002, Yunnan 2003, Yunnan 2004).

Hilary is a graduate student in philosophy of physics at Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA, where there are no caves and everyone talks funny.

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Yunnan 2001
Yunnan 2002
Yunnan 2003
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Zhongdian 2006