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Julian Todd zhu li an

Julian started caving in 1986 with Cambridge University Caving Club (CUCC). While doing a Ph.D in Linear Algebra he caved with University of Bristol Spelaelogical Society. In the UK he's also caved with Liverpool University Speleological Society is currently a member of the Red Rose Cave and and Pothole Club.

Abroad Julian has caved in Ireland, Majorca, Morocco, France, Germany, and New Zealand. Since 1986 he has participated in more than nine expeditions to the Totes Gebirge in Austria with CUCC. In 2004 he went on th Matienzo expedition to northern Spain.

Julian is the author of Tunnel, a Java program for computer-aided production of cave surveys. He is continuing to develop this software and it has been used to produce the main CUCC surveys in 2003 and 2004.

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