Hong Meigui Members

Matt Ryan ma qiang

Matt has been caving for 5 years. He is a member of the Technical Speleological Group and Crewe Climbing and Potholing Club. Matt serves as training officer for Crewe CPC as well as the Derbyshire Cave Rescue Organization

Matt has been on expeditions to Mallorca (CCPC), France (CCPC), and China. He spent most of 2002 in China caving and learning Chinese.

Matt has a masters in neuroscience from Keele University

Survey stats

Hongchiba 2002
Blue Underpants
Wulong Media 2002
Houping 2002
Qikeng Dong 2002
Yunnan River Caves
Nandan 2003
Xinhua 2003 Project
Lushan 2003
Dong Ba 2003
Tianxing 2004
Tianxing 2005
Hongchiba 2006
Liangshan 2006
Tianxing 2006
Dalin 2006 Project
Houping 2007-1
Houping 2007-2
Houping 2007-3
Houping 2008-1
Blue Underpants
Houping 2008-3
Houping 2008-4