Hong Meigui Members

Rob Garrett

Rob is a member of Oxford University Cave Club but also has longstanding ties to the Red Rose Cave and Pothole Club. He has been underground on countless expeditions to 5 different continents.

A keen climber and experienced climbing guide, he has also been known to use his rope skills for industrial rope access work.

He received a degree in Maths from Oxford in 1995, although these days he is trying to study Chinese.

As one of the 3 founding members of Hong Meigui Cave Exploration Society, Rob originally spent 6 months in China in 2001 working with the Institute of Karst Geology, Guilin returning briefly in 2002 and more permanently in 2004.

Survey stats

Guilin SRT Training
Leye 2001
Nandan 2001
Chongqing 2001
Blue Underpants
Wulong Media 2002
Houping 2004
Yunnan 2004
Tianxing 2004
Houping 2005
Tianxing 2005
Houping 2006-1
Tianxing 2006
Tianxing 2007
Houping 2008-1
Indep. Yongsheng 2008
Tianxing 2008