Hong Meigui Members

Vladimir Yurkuns

At the age of 15 Vladimir started caving at the Crimean Peninsula. There he bottomed several caves 250-450m deep. After entering Moscow State University he joined Perovo Speleoclub of Moscow to explore caves in the Western Caucasus.

With the Perovo Speleoclub he was invoved in the exploration of Dvorcovaya (Palace) cave which required digging with a specially constructed hand device and explosives. On Zagedan plateau he explored Gorlo Barloga, the deepest cave in Russia (-860m)

Vladimir has a degree in journalism from Moscow State University. He is fluent in Mandarin.

Survey stats

Dong Ba 2003
Beijing 2004 Recce
Tianxing 2004
Tianxing 2006
Tianxing 2007