Step-by-step from Hong Kong to Yangshuo

How to get from Hong Kong to Yangshuo

Last updated: December 12, 2005.

Short instructions:

Take KCR to Lowu. Cross border. Take #7 bus to Yihu station (1.5Y). Take sleeper bus to Yangshuo (150-350Y). Call 0773-8813651 on arrival.

Step by step getting to Yangshuo:

  1. Forget about CTS. That'll be more hassle than going and buying the ticket yourself if you're going via Shenzhen.

    1a. Copy the characters for Yangshuo and Yinhu out of a lonely planet guide.

  2. Take all your shit to a KCR station ((Hung Hom, Mong Kok, etc.) Use your Octopus card (or buy a ticket) for a ride to the terminus of the KCR in Lowu. The KCR to Lowu runs every 5 minutes, so no worries about missing your train, etc.
  3. Stagger through customs and immigration in Lowu. Remember, your address in China is Hotel California, Yangshuo; you'll be visiting Guilin, Chongqing and Kunming; and you're a tourist. Life will be a lot easier if you have a pen easily accessible, as there are never any working pens where you have to fill out forms.
  4. Once you exit immigration, you want to get up on the big elevated walkway. (Last time I was there, I came out of the immigration building on the ground floor, turned right, walked 20-30m, and then went up an escalator to the left, but it may have changed slightly--the key is just to get up on the walkway). On the walkway, follow the signs for buses to find the city buses (gong gong qiche). The buses should basically be straight ahead and then down to street level. They are outside. Do not get confused and go inside - the various train and bus terminals which are inside buildings connected to the walkway DO NOT have regular trains or buses to Yangshuo. Ignore them.
  5. Take the #7 bus. It should be 1.5Y, or maybe up to 2Y now. The #7 terminates in Lowu, so every #7 bus will be going the right direction-- to Yinhu Qichezhan (Silver Lake Bus Station). Sit on the right side of the bus. This is very important. Depending on traffic, it may take 20 minutes to 1 hour to get to Yinhu. Keep your eyes open for a stadium on the right. A few minutes past that is Yinhu. You'll recognize it by an arch on the front of the building with a large clock above it. I think there should be a sign saying Bus Station. There are also a load of taxis outside and it generally looks a bit like a bus station. I'm sure everyone on the bus will know where Yinhu is.
  6. Buy a ticket to Yangshuo. From the bus stop, cross the taxi area and immediately in front of you should be something that looks like a hotel lobby. To the left is the ticket office. There are two types of buses: airconditioned sleeper buses and cheap+nasty buses. The AC buses are all in the evenings: 7:30 and 8:30 I think. The cheap buses are all in the morning + early afternoon: last about 2pm I think. A ticket for an AC bus normally runs about 250Y, cheap bus 150Y, but prices have been all over the place lately. Don't pay more than 300Y. I strongly suggest you aim to arrive at Yinhu in the early afternoon and buy a ticket for the AC bus. This should assure you a ticket. (In the unlikely event that all of the tickets are sold out, you can get a room at the hotel in the bus station for about 40Y). Once you have your ticket in hand, walk back into the hotel-lobby-looking area, turn left, and go into the waiting room. There is a big electronic board with info about bus arrivals + departures, but it is in Chinese, so you'll need to know what Guilin looks like to read it (it should be on your ticket). They're also very nice to foreigners at the bus station, so I'm sure the staff will help you if you have any problems.
  7. While you're waiting for the bus, give us a ring to tell us which bus you'll be on. Home number: 0773-8813651
  8. Take the bus. The air conditioned sleeper buses only stops twice: Yangshuo, followed by Guilin. The driver will know from your ticket that you'll be getting off at Yangshuo.
  9. On arrival in Yangshuo, give us a ring and we'll meet you at the station. Home number: 0773-8813651