The latest news from China:

Back up the hill

November 6, 2002 Today we're heading back up to Tian Xing to push Dongba. The weather looks good, even if the cave food doesn't! We're out of Snickers bars and Mountain House meals (any potential sponsors out there?!?) so we'll be feasting on condensed milk, dried plums, tinned fish and glucose powder. Yum.

Photo page up and running

November 4, 2002 At long last the photos link is up and running.


May 24, 2002 Currently Matt Ryan, Duncan Collis, Brian Judd, Rob Garrett and Erin Lynch are exploring caves in Chongqing. The group (minus Rob) just finished 3 weeks in Hongchiba pushing wet, vertical, alpine-style caves. They hit a sump level at about 1500m elevation in several of the caves, so the deepest was only 265m,but areas nearer the edge of the plateau look good for a possible return later this year.

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