A huge thanks to the organizations who have supported Hong Meigui expeditions and the individuals involved in them. Their generosity makes exploration possible. Grateful thanks are due to:

For financial and equipment support:
The Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers)
Lyon Equipment
The UK Sport Fund
The David Hood Award
The Mount Everest Foundation
The China Caves Project
Ghar Parau Foundation
Durfee Foundation
National Speleological Society International Exploration Fund
Oxford University Expeditions Council
Dragon Caving Gear
AMG Outdoor
A leading UK distributor of products.
Fenestra Window & Door, Inc.
Mountain Empire Grotto
Stensat Group LLC (makers of the StenLight)
Ozark Underground Laboratory, Inc.
Andy Eavis
Rich Hudson
Yvonne Droms
RC Outfitters
Oregon Freeze Dry, Inc
Swaygo Gear
For support in China:
Institute of Karst Geology, Guilin
High speed sliding Huibang Corporation, Wulong, Chongqing, China
Explore the stunning karst scenery in Wulong County by visiting Huibang's Furong Dong Showcave, where you can enjoy beautiful cave formations and then try an exhilarating "death slide" across the Furong Jiang valley. In Wulong County Town, the Wulong Binguan (Wulong Hotel) is a comfortable place to stay. A few hours away from the town, Tian Xing San Qiao has three natural bridges that link together impressive dolines.
Karst Cafe, Yangshuo, Guilin, China
A friendly place to meet other climbers and cavers in China.

Interested in supporting Hong Meigui? See our wishlist or contact us at hongmeiguicc AT yahoo DOT com for more ideas on how to help us push back the underground frontiers in China.