Wish List

The following is a list of gear which we need in order to continue exploration in China. All sponsorship, great or small, is greatly appreciated. For cavers coming out to China, please contact Erin before making any purchases, as this list may not be 100% up to date.

9mm static rope
dehydrated meals
buoyancy aids
tackle sacks (STROP?)

Less urgent:
portable hammer drill
battery for the Bosch GBH 24VRE drill 
8mm,9mm,10mm rope
SRT spares: Stop bobbins, chest jammers, harnesses
propane/butane cannister stoves
flash bulbs and firers
underground food (chocolate bars, flapjacks, etc.)
underground to surface radio
darren drums
digital camera
gaffer tape
accessory cord
rechargable batteries
survey instruments
waterproof paper
durable oversuits
reading material